15 Luxury Amenities Loved By Guests in High-Rise Apartments

High-rise apartment buildings house some of the most luxurious corporate apartments. See some of the over-the-top amenities you can expect to find.

High-rise apartment communities have perfected luxury living.

They’re usually in an urban setting and that means endless possibilities just steps away. But with so many over-the-top lavish amenities, you may never want to leave the building. 

These features make them an ideal location for corporate apartments. If you’re a frequent business traveler, you are probably used to the posh amenities offered by business-class hotels. And now you can enjoy that pampered lifestyle even when you’re on a more extended assignment.

Here, we’ll look at some of the most popular amenities offered in these modern high-rise apartments.

#1 – Luxury Finishes

Nothing says luxury like a stylish kitchen—and you will find it in a modern high-rise apartment. Granite countertops, glass tile backsplash, and sleek cabinetry are common in these kitchens. 

Kitchen at Cortland Las Colinas near Dallas, TX
Kitchen at Cortland Las Colinas near Dallas, TX

Many have also done away will wall-to-wall carpeting. Now you will find laminate wood flooring throughout the living spaces making them feel more clean and modern.

Another benefit of high-rise apartments is that they are naturally more soundproof. Since these buildings must be constructed with concrete and steel rather than wood, they have denser walls, floors, and ceilings. 

That means more privacy for you and less listening to your neighbor’s terrible music choices. Let the rejoicing begin!

Floor-to-ceiling windows at The Whitley in Austin, TX
Floor-to-ceiling windows at The Whitley in Austin, TX

Something you might not expect in a high-rise apartment, though, is an abundance of natural light. But in many of the newer buildings, you will find floor-to-ceiling windows filling your apartment with sunshine. 

#2 – Smart Home Features

Our homes are getting smarter, and apartment communities are keeping up with that trend. While this is still an up-and-coming amenity, we are starting to see more electronic locks and smart thermostats in the apartments. 

As these features become more common, getting into your corporate apartment becomes easier. Instead of finding a lockbox to retrieve a key, you only need a code to get into your apartment. 

#3 – Co-Working Space

Working from home, or from anywhere for that matter, has become much more common in recent years. Even if you’re going into the office every day, you’re probably working from home on occasion. 

Luxury apartment communities understand that business people make up a majority of their residents. With this in mind, they’ve created little spots to sit and work throughout their buildings.

Social Gallery at Element 25 in Overland Park, KS
Social Gallery at Element 25 in Overland Park, KS

With Wifi available in all public spaces, you can work from basically anywhere. Just head into a business lounge, or rent a conference room if you need more privacy. You may also choose to work in the coffee bar or by the pool. There are so many possibilities! 

#4 – Rooftop Pool

In my opinion, one of the coolest features you’ll find at many luxury high-rise apartments is a rooftop pool. 

Sometimes it’s a splash pool only about knee deep, other times it will be a gorgeous infinity-edge masterpiece. But you will always feel like a rockstar when you hang out at one of these rooftop gems.

One Light Apartment North Pool View
Rooftop Pool Deck at One Light in Kansas City, MO

At One Light in Kansas City, MO you can grab a cocktail at the staffed pool bar on the weekends, rent a private cabana, or soak in the sun. All without leaving the swanky rooftop deck.

#5 – Rooftop Lounge

High-rise apartments take great care to create social spaces for their residents that are luxurious and exclusive. These are one-of-a-kind experiences that you can only get by living in the building—or renting a corporate apartment there.

Seating areas, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, and an onsite cocktail bar are some of the things you’ll find in these rooftop lounges.

If you find yourself in St. Louis at One Cardinal Way, you’ll get to enjoy one more unique feature. 

This building is situated behind the centerfield fence at Busch Stadium, within Ballpark Village—and they have taken full advantage of their location. The rooftop lounge is the perfect spot to take in a Cardinals game. You can see the game from the infinity pool, the rooftop bleachers, or one of the many seating areas.

One Cardinal Way view from Infinity Pool
One Cardinal Way Lounge
One Cardinal Way viewing deck

#6 – Game Room

If the pool and rooftop lounge is not your scene, you may enjoy spending time in the game room.

Meet up with friends for a game of pool or maybe some foosball. Or beat the high score in the free-play arcade.

Clubhouse at Cortland Las Colinas near Dallas, TX
Clubhouse and Game Room at Cortland Las Colinas near Dallas, TX
Clubhouse and Game Room at Cortland Las Colinas near Dallas, TX

#7 – High-End Fitness Center

Gone are the days when a broken-down treadmill in an unused office passes as a fitness center.

These days, a modern apartment community must have high-end fitness equipment to be competitive. Luxury apartment communities are now offering free weights, weight machines, and an assortment of high-quality cardio machines.

24/7 Athletic Center at 7/Seventy in Houston, TX
24/7 Athletic Center at 7/Seventy in Houston, TX

A lot of people enjoy taking classes at the gym, and apartment communities have the perfect solution. They have created fitness studios where classes are offered digitally for things like yoga, spinning, or aerobics.

At some high-rise apartments, like One Light in Kansas City or One Cardinal Way in St. Louis, residents also have access to a full-service gym within the same building or complex.

#8 – Demonstration Kitchen

Apartments, in general, are not known to have a lot of room for entertaining. They’re perfect for a few people, but try having a party and your guests could be packed in like sardines.

Entertainment Kitchen at One Light in Kansas City
Entertainment Kitchen at OneLight in Kansas City, MO

For this purpose, among others, luxury apartment communities have included demonstration kitchens for their residents to use.

Renting out this area for gatherings means you can have a spacious area to enjoy the company of your guests. And you will have room to prepare and serve food.

These areas are also used for resident events like cooking classes or wine tastings.

#9 – Controlled Access

Even if amenities aren’t a big deal to you, there is one that can be appreciated by anyone—controlled access.

High-rise apartment communities take the security of their residents very seriously. Since the neighborhoods tend to be more walkable, with restaurants, shopping, and entertainment venues nearby, controlled access to the building is important.

Key fobs are frequently required to access everything from the parking garage to the elevator. You’ll also need it to get to the pool or fitness center.

If your corporate apartment is in a building with controlled access, you may have a few extra steps to get into your apartment for the first time. But knowing those steps are required will put your mind at ease. The additional security measures mean you will not have random people coming into your building and putting your safety at risk.

#10 – Electric Car Charging Station

More and more people are switching to electric cars all the time. With this trend comes the need for a place to charge them.

Modern apartment communities understand this need and are now offering electric car charging stations in their garages.

#11 – Bike Storage/Repair Station

Electric cars are a great way to be kind to the environment, but another way you can do that is by skipping the car altogether and riding a bike.

This is a popular option, especially in urban areas with heavy traffic and limited parking.

But when you live in an apartment, where do you put the bike? You don’t really want it taking up space in your living room.

If you live in a community with a bike storage area you don’t have to worry about that. Some even set aside an area where residents can perform maintenance on their bikes when the need arises.

Bike Repair and storage room at Element 25 in Overland Park, KS
Bike repair and storage room at Element 25 in Overland Park, KS

#12 – In-Building Retail Space

Imagine this. You come home from work and on your way up to your apartment, you stop by the grocery store in the building to pick up the things you need for dinner. 

In many high-rise apartment communities, retail space fills the ground floor of the building. You could have a grocery store, coffee shop, drug store, or maybe a hair salon just steps from your apartment.

Having so many conveniences nearby is especially nice for corporate housing guests. You can get your necessities easily, even while you’re still learning how to get around the city.

Exterior and bike racks at Brookside 51 in Kansas City, MO
Brookside 51 in Kansas City, MO

#13 – Pet Care

In an apartment, and especially a high-rise apartment, taking care of pets can be more of a challenge. 

Green space can sometimes be hard to find in an urban setting. Getting outside involves an elevator ride. Then once you’re outside, you have to find a suitable spot (not concrete) for Bosco to do his business.

With this in mind, many high-rise apartments are making their communities pet-friendly by creating green spaces and off-leash dog parks for their furry residents. At One Light in Kansas City, MO residents even have access to a public dog park on the roof of the parking garage.

Pet Care at The Whitley in Houston, TX

Many also have pet spas to make bath-time easier. And they make dog walking or pet sitting services available to their residents.

#14 – Downtown Culture

High-rise apartments are a fun place to stay if you enjoy an urban culture. 

With so much going on nearby, you may never be at a loss for something to do. As we’ve seen, there are often restaurants, bars, and shopping all within walking distance. You may even be able to take in a concert or a ballgame without getting in the car.

Visit the Power and Light District in Kansas City
Power & Light District in Kansas City, MO

For corporate housing guests, an urban setting could be a fun departure from your normal life. Being away from family is hard, but with a destination like this, you can get a little reminder of what life was like before car seats and minivans entered the picture.

#15 – Amazing Views

You can’t talk about the benefits of a high-rise apartment without mentioning the amazing views. Gorgeous sunsets, a view of the city skyline, or a birdseye view of the city below are all possibilities when you’re living in a high-rise apartment.

Rooftop Deck with Views at Cortland Las Colinas near Dallas, TX
Rooftop Lounge at Cortland Las Colinas near Dallas, TX

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