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A foundation of hospitality.

A New Name

ExecuStay Midwest has rebranded to Viciniti.

The name may be changing, but Viciniti is the same company that you’ve known for 30+ years, providing corporate housing solutions and 250,000+ reservations to over one half million people.

Viciniti provides temporary and extended stay housing across the US. Over 30 years, we’ve helped book 250,000 stays and served a half-million people.

Our team of employee-owners is dedicated to providing our guests the best experience right from the ground in the cities we serve.

The Viciniti Team

Moving the needle.

We are not a tech company. We are not a marketplace or a platform. We are an empowered team of owners.

Our History

Since the beginning, our goal has been to help our guests make a home wherever they are.

1990: A New Market

The company enters the corporate and temporary housing market, opening Suite Options.

2004: Becoming a Franchisee

Suite Options becomes an ExecuStay Marriott franchisee called ExecuStay Midwest.

2014: Becoming an ESOP

Transitions Group (the parent company of ExecuStay Midwest, Furniture Options, and Viciniti) officially becomes an ESOP, giving employees a vested interest in the success of the company.

2022: CHPA Accreditation

The company earns the CHPA (Corporate Housing Providers Association) Accreditation, highlighting professional business practices and excellent customer experience.

2023: A New Brand

ExecuStay Midwest restructures and rebrands as Viciniti, a place where we all belong.


For the good of our Viciniti.

Becoming a more sustainable company is crucial to protecting what we love about where we live.

Small changes make a difference, and we’re not done improving our sustainability practices. See how our efforts to date have made an impact.

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