The Austin Migration

As we look to a future beyond quarantines and shutdowns, Austin is rising to meet a new normal. Take a look at what to expect from the Austin landscape.

As the old saying goes, “the only constant is change,” and this mantra has never been truer than in 2020. Austin, Texas has been a hotbed of change for years and COVID-19 has only exemplified the innovative spirit of the lone star state capital.

Since our founding over 30 years ago, Viciniti has continually adapted to changing markets across the country, turning stressful situations into seamless experiences for thousands of clients. 

As we look to a future beyond quarantines and shutdowns, Austin, like the rest of the world, is rising to meet a new normal. Let’s take a look at what to expect from the Austin business landscape in the near future.


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The New and Improved Austin

Although we are all experiencing hardships during COVID-19, experts have predicted Austin’s recovery will be a speedy one.

There have been several companies expanding into Austin or completely relocating their headquarters to the capital city, bringing in new funds to the region’s economy. These new employers will boost employment in the area, assisting in Austin’s speedy recovery. Some are moving to Austin from California to lower their operational costs, while others are expanding their North American reach by setting up shop in Austin.

Companies relocating or expanding to the Austin area include both domestic and international businesses. Corporations from the US include Sonim and FireTrail, while foreign businesses include Canva, Inc. (Australia) and Cognite AS (Norway).

The Austin governing bodies have also worked with Tesla for a new $1.1 billion factory to be built in the region, which, when completed, will bring thousands of construction and manufacturing jobs to the Austin metropolitan area.


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Ever-Changing Landscape 

Austinites are very familiar with new building construction and the always frustrating road construction, but with these frustrations come the promise of a beautiful new landscape on the horizon. Soon Austin will see groundbreaking architecture and technology to be enjoyed popping up all over town, making it an even better home for entrepreneurs in the near future.

Let’s take a look at new locations you’ll enjoy seeing in the new Austin skyline:


1. 405 Colorado

The towering 25-story skyscraper at 405 Colorado was inspired by the work of modern French-Romanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi, whose famous marble, bronze, limestone, and wood sculptures graced the world in the first half of the 20th century. 

Unlike most other downtown Austin towers, designers made no attempt to hide 405 Colorado’s parking garage. Instead, the parking garage will serve as a pedestal, topped with a crystalline, glass sculpture that serves as the office space in the tower. The refractal glass will reflect all the different facets of the sky in beautiful Austin.

Set to open in late 2021, Austinites will soon enjoy this magnificent piece of architectural artwork just down the street from the Texas state capitol.


2. RiverSouth

Welcome to the future of office buildings. Utilizing the newest technology possible in the building’s construction, some of which is still in development as of July 2020, the distinctive building will serve as a new gateway to downtown Austin.

Micro-movement sensors and air quality management systems will monitor high-traffic areas and detect minuscule changes in the air, as well as sensing the temperature and humidity in offices to provide micromanaged climate control systems to service each area separately from another for the most comfortable environment throughout the building.

These monitoring systems will also detect movement and adjust energy usage in specific areas for a greener workplace. In addition, Bluetooth technology will be used in these smart buildings to actively monitor security and identify areas under heavy usage that will need to be cleaned more regularly and deeply than other lightly-used areas.

Designers are also aiming to make this building completely touch free. Workers should be able to park, enter the building and get to their office without touching anything until they reach their destination.

Employees can expect to move into this office building from the future as soon as early 2021, showing all of us that the future is not so far away.


3. New Children’s Hospitals

Additionally, Austin will be welcoming two new children’s hospitals, Texas Children’s Hospital and Dell Children’s Hospital, to the city in the near future. When Dell Children’s Hospital opens in November 2022 and Texas Children’s in the 4th quarter of 2023, these two large healthcare facilities will become a pair of the largest healthcare employers in the area.


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Thriving Companies

Even when faced with adversity, several Austin startups have seen significant growth in 2020. There are several industries leading the positive fiscal season scene by many new companies in the area.

These industries include: 

  • Technology

The increased need for new and better technology for the millions of professionals working from home has been a catalyst for software and technology startups entering the Austin market. With its many attractions and unique culture that pulls creative, forward-thinking personalities to the city, it’s no wonder Austin is becoming a hotbed for technology startups looking to make an impact on the future.

  • Health and Fitness

The same forward-minded culture that has technology companies gravitating to the Texas capital is bringing in another group of entrepreneurs to the Austin area. There has been a widespread jump in health-consciousness across the country over the last decade, leading to health products and fitness providers growing faster than ever before.

  • Food Delivery

Even health nuts want a cookie every once in a while, and everyone could use the comfort of a soft, warm, snickerdoodle right now! Cookie delivery companies and other food delivery providers are seeing more business than ever thanks to more customers avoiding grocery stores in 2020.

  • Online Education

With so many schools unsure when or if they will reopen for the 2020 school year, many parents are turning to online education and homeschooling to teach their kids the fundamentals normally reserved for in-person education.

Some startups are achieving record-breaking results in the midst of the economic downturn seen in 2020. Real estate tech company OJO, Health and fitness provider Restore Hyper Wellnes+Cryotherapy and cookie delivery purveyor Tiff’s Treats are just some of the Austin startups leading the charge, having raised over $70 million each in today’s hyper-digital society.

Another Austin-based startup in the education field is achieving more than $80 million of revenue due to the increased traffic brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thanks to the success of so many new companies in the Austin-area, the landscape is being reimagined every day with new architectural icons dotting the skyline.


We Make Change Easy!

Change may sometimes be confusing, but it often leads to newer and better things. The changes Austin is going through are indicative of a thriving community that people want to join from around the world.

If you’re relocating to the Austin area, you can rest assured there are many more exciting things coming to the area for you and your team to enjoy.

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Stay with Viciniti offers flexibility, something we all need right now. Flexibility in lease terms, flexibility in location and flexibility in furnishings mean you have the power to handle any situation that comes your way during your stay with Viciniti.

So, if you’re moving across town and want to explore new neighborhoods or moving across the world – we have you covered, whatever and wherever you need!



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