How Corporate Housing Companies Keep Apartments Clean, Healthy & Safe

There is more that goes into cleaning a corporate apartment before a guest arrives than you may think. In fact, corporate housing companies do everything they can to give guests a happy, healthy, and safe environment in their temporary home. Across the industry, providers are finding new ways to improve their cleanliness standards to exceed the expectations of travelers.

There is more that goes into cleaning a corporate apartment before a guest arrives than you may think. In fact, corporate housing companies do everything they can to give guests a happy, healthy, and safe environment in their temporary home. Across the industry, providers are finding new ways to improve their cleanliness standards to exceed the expectations of travelers.

Here at Viciniti, cleanliness and guest safety is our top priority. That’s why, we employ a 250+ point checklist when prepping our corporate apartments for a guest arrival. This checklist includes every detail, from closing fireplace dampers to inspecting the seal inside the refrigerator door.

On top of cleaning procedures, corporate housing providers also ensure all furniture and appliances are in working order and guests have a variety of houseware items they’ll need to enjoy their temporary home.

Here’s a comprehensive look into how corporate housing providers clean and prepare corporate apartments for a guest’s arrival, including:

  1. Reporting Damages
  2. Living Room & Dining Room
  3. Kitchen
  4. Bathrooms
  5. Bedrooms
  6. Other Spaces

While this article is based on the Viciniti cleaning procedures, other corporate housing companies deploy a similar process to those listed below, so you can rest assured your corporate apartment has been thoroughly examined and cleaned before your arrival.


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1.  Report Damages

The first part of any pre-arrival cleaning visit for new apartments is to inspect the apartment for any damages and mark any defects to be fixed prior to the guest’s arrival. This includes any number of potential issues such as:

  • Carpet stains
  • Furniture defects
  • Missing items
  • Damage to window coverings
  • Repainting or touch-ups needed

Once any damages are noted, the housekeeper will contact the corporate housing provider for any replacement furnishings or maintenance that needs to be completed.


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2.  Living Room & Dining Room

Cleaning the apartment begins in the living room and dining room with a long list of items to complete before the space is ready for guests to enjoy. The housekeeper begins by removing the cushions from all furnishings in the room and cleaning each one. While the cushions are removed, the cleaner will also sanitize the sofa and chair to ensure all surfaces are clean.

During this time, the housekeeper also opens any sofa sleepers and pull-outs to clean these areas.

Once all soft surfaces have been sanitized, the corporate apartment cleaner then switches focus to the hard furnishings throughout the living area. These surfaces not only include the furniture, but also the built-in features of the room like windows, mantles, and air vents, as well as artwork and electronics.

This part of the apartment preparation process also includes cleaning out the fireplace by removing any ashes in wood-burning fireplaces, closing the damper, cleaning glass doors or screens covering the fireplace, sweeping the hearth and cleaning any fireplace tools.

After the fireplace has been cleaned, the housekeeper thoroughly vacuums the living room and dining room and spot cleans any small stains in the carpet.

The housekeeper then double checks that the TV, cable box, WiFi and all remotes are in working order before cleaning them.

They will then test the lights in the two rooms, replacing any light bulbs if needed. While inspecting the lights, the cleaner will dust the ceiling fans and lights.


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3.  Kitchen

After the living and dining rooms have been thoroughly cleaned, the kitchen area is cleaned next.

There are many differences when cleaning the kitchen versus cleaning any other room in the home, mainly because these unique appliances require special cleaning procedures:

  • Range and Hood
  • Microwave
  • Refrigerator
  • Dishwasher

In addition to these appliances, the storage in the kitchen receives special attention as well. Let’s take a look at how corporate housing companies keep their kitchens clean and safe for their guests.

Cooking surfaces

For the stovetops, the housekeeper cleans the cooking surfaces and drip pans. Once the cleaning is completed, the stove is checked to ensure all burners are functioning properly.

After the stovetop has been taken care of, the cleaner will then focus on the oven. The oven interior and racks are inspected and thoroughly sanitized as well as the broiler pan area. The oven is tested to make sure it is in working order.

The housekeeper pulls the stove away from the wall to thoroughly clean the exterior, front to back. The stove is then pushed back against the wall and the housekeeper inspects the vent hood to make sure it is clean and working properly.


The inside of the microwave is cleaned and sanitized, paying special attention to the glass dish inside the microwave. Once this is done, the housekeeper wipes down the outside of the microwave and moves on to the refrigerator.


As the most used appliance in the kitchen, refrigerators receive a great deal of care when housekeepers prepare the kitchen for a guest arrival. First the housekeeper empties any ice cubes from the dispenser or trays and cleans the tray. Then they sanitize the shelves and drawers inside the refrigerator and freezer.

The housekeeper then moves on to the outside of the refrigerator, wiping it down from top to bottom and ensuring there are no dents in the outside of the refrigerator. They will then inspect the seal inside any doors for wear or defects and replace any damaged seals if needed.


The dishwasher is the last of the major appliances to be cleaned. First, the housekeeper cleans the door including the rim, edges and controls, as well as the front and side to ensure no part of the door goes untouched.

Cupboards and Drawers

When all appliances have been completed, the housekeeper then begins working on the cupboards and drawers; removing any dishes, pots and pans, and cleaning them. Everything is inspected, sanitized and replaced, this also includes the silverware and cooking utensils.

Countertops and Floors

After cleaning the cupboards and drawers, the countertops, toaster and coffee maker are cleaned. The housekeeper thoroughly cleans and shines the kitchen floors, including hard to reach areas behind the stove and refrigerator.


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4.  Bathrooms

Now that the communal areas of the apartment have been cleaned, the housekeeper moves on to the bathroom, where they take extensive care of each portion of the room. Starting with the bathtub and shower, the cleaner will scrub the walls and floor of the shower with an industrial grade cleaning agent. Special focus is placed on any built in shelves or soap dish areas.

The housekeeper will then clean the shower curtain, liner and rings, or replace them if needed. If the shower has a door, then the door and tracks will be thoroughly cleaned.

When the bathtub and shower are complete, the housekeeper will clean the sink area by sanitizing and polishing the sink and countertop. The cleaner will also dust the light fixture and clean the cabinet under the sink. They will also clean any medicine cabinets as well as the towel bars and holders.

The toilet is then disinfected inside and out and the base is checked for signs of wear or rust.

After all usable surfaces have been sanitized, they are wiped clean with a dry cloth to help  ensure cleanliness. The ceiling exhaust fan and bathroom door is cleaned as well.

The cleaner will also replace any supplies that are included with guests stays including:

  • Towels
  • Rugs
  • Bath Mat
  • Bar Soap
  • Kleenex
  • Toilet Paper
  • Hair Dryer

To complete the bathroom, the housekeeper sweeps and mops the floor and displays two complete sets of fresh towels for the guest.


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5.  Bedrooms

When moving onto the apartment’s bedrooms, the first thing a housekeeper does is check for any signs of bed bugs in the room. The cleaner will inspect all furnishings including the mattress, lamps, headboard, artwork, decor, baseboards, nightstands, and carpet near the baseboards and electrical plates.

While this is a very rare occurrence (something we’ve only seen a couple of times in our 30 year history), if any sign of pests are found in the bedroom, the inspector will immediately call the corporate housing company and the property office to notify them. Any furnishings in the room are disinfected and removed. The room is then deep cleaned and sprayed by a pest control specialist to ensure complete eradication of the pests.

Again, this is an extremely uncommon scenario. Still, our housekeepers are always vigilant of anything out of the ordinary, so you don’t need to worry. In 100% of all pre-arrival cleaning visits, the housekeeper will check the space for pests then begin cleaning the bedroom, starting with the ceiling fan and lights.

They will continue by cleaning the windows, blinds and ledges before stripping the bed of linens and remaking with fresh sheets and blankets. The dresser is inspected and cleaned.

All other surfaces are inspected for damage and cleaned including:

  • Bed frame
  • Walls
  • Lamps and shades
  • Artwork and Decor

The housekeeper then wipes down the mirror with glass cleaner and checks under the bed for belongings before vacuuming all carpeted areas.

Next, the housekeeper replaces any light bulbs and ensures everything is neat and tidy before turning their attention to the bedroom closet.

Bedroom Closet

To finish getting the bedroom ready for guests, the housekeeper will vacuum the carpet in the bedroom closet. They will also dust and disinfect the shelving and hanging rods and place an extra set of sheets and 15 hangers for the guest to use.


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6.  Other Spaces

When all of the main rooms in the apartment have been taken care of, there are still a few other areas to be cleaned that many don’t often think about when considering apartment upkeep.

Utility Room

The utility room is one of the most overlooked rooms in any apartment, mainly because it’s usually a closet with a water heater and furnace in it. As maintenance generally takes care of any repairs or adjustments to both of these appliances, you’ll usually never even open the door after your initial walkthrough of the apartment.

When cleaning, however, it is essential to sweep and dust every space in this room, as it is a perfect collection point for dust, dander, and other allergens that can spread throughout the apartment.

Because of this, housekeepers spend more time in the utility room than you might think. While in the utility room, the housekeeper will sweep and mop the floors, as well as wipe down the walls with a wet cloth to ensure there are no lingering particles in the room.

They will also clean any light fixtures and disinfect the appliances. Lastly, they will wipe down the door to complete the cleaning in the utility room.

Outdoor Spaces

Another extra space is the outdoor areas, usually consisting of the front entryway and a private patio or balcony. These features are not found in all corporate apartments but are common enough to warrant a place in our 250+ point cleaning checklist.

The housekeeper will first check that there is no trash in front entryway or on the patio/balcony. If any litter is found, it is disposed of immediately before the cleaner begins sweeping the areas.

If a storage room is attached to the balcony, it is inspected and swept. All areas are cleaned and all lights are checked to ensure they are in working order for the guest’s arrival.

Finally, the housekeeper completes a final check of each room and locks the apartment door.


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When the Cleaning Is Done…

Once the housekeeper has completed the cleaning process a quality assurance inspector visits the apartment and ensures each step of the process is complete. The inspector completes a detailed electronic inspection form including multiple photos of each room. They inspect all electronics and appliances ensuring they are all in working order.

The inspection report is then sent to the regional manager for review before the guest arrives. Copies of the inspection report are available to clients.


Let’s Get Cleaning!

We know health safety is more important than ever. That’s why we’ve stepped up our game to ensure guests are placed in a clean, happy, and healthy home-away-from-home.

When you stay in an Viciniti corporate apartment, you know you’re staying in a meticulously cleaned and sanitized furnished apartment.

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