What Is a CCHP, And Why Is It Important To Corporate Travelers?

The CCHP designation is awarded to experts in the corporate housing industry. Viciniti is committed to excellence with eight CCHP team members.

A CCHP (Certified Corporate Housing Professional) is someone who is an expert in the corporate housing business. They have been awarded that designation by CHPA (Corporate Housing Professionals Association.)

But what does that really mean? And, more importantly, why should corporate travelers care if they’re working with a CCHP?

Let’s take a look!

If you’ve been using corporate housing for a while, you already know exactly what to expect.

But in case you haven’t, let me give you a look into how it works.

Corporate-Housing-Client-on-ComputerWhen I need to travel to Dallas I get in touch with Gina over at Viciniti and let her know I need a place to stay while I’m there.

Gina asks, “what part of town will you be working in?” “How many people are going to be staying with you?” “Oh, and is Pluto (my dog) making the trip this time?”

She also wants to know what kind of budget I’m working with. This will help her match me up in the right places.

Of course, I select the cozy little place in the suburbs with the amazing pool and the dog park! Then, Gina sends me an agreement to reserve the apartment.

Before I leave for Dallas, I receive the arrival instructions for my home away from home. This way I know how to get there, where to park, and how to get the keys.

When I get to Dallas and inside my apartment, it has everything I need. My new home is completely furnished. It has furniture, linens, dishes, and cookware. The utilities are on, including WiFi, so I can get to work right away if I need to.

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Throughout my stay, I always know that I have someone to call if I have an issue. A guest services agent will check in from time to time making sure everything is going well. They’re also a phone call, text, or email away when I need something or have a question.

This is how corporate housing works every time I travel.

While the people I work with, and the agreement I sign may be different, the experience is always similar.

That is because of industry standards set by the Corporate Housing Professionals Association, CHPA.

Why Stay With A CHPA Member?

Let’s look at what happens when you don’t use a company that is a member of CHPA.

Over the past several years there has been an influx of new extended stay housing providers. Some are in a network of individuals like Airbnb or VRBO. Others are new start-ups.

Many of these offerings are done well, and the hosts take excellent care of their guests.

I stayed in an adorable little house recently in Atlanta that was clean and well-stocked. The hosts were responsive and easy to work with. And the description of the house was spot-on—exactly what we expected.

But that isn’t always the case. A year ago, a friend of mine booked an apartment in Los Angeles while traveling with her family. The listing said it would sleep six, which sounded perfect for her family of five.

When they arrived, they found a studio apartment. There was one bed and a futon—and no linens. Before they could go to bed the first night, they had to buy an air mattress plus sheets and towels.

Luckily, her family was only staying a few nights so they made it work. But imagine if she had been on a long-term assignment. Aaaaarrrggghhh!!

After traveling all day and knowing you need to be in the office early the next morning, THAT is the last thing you want to see when you open the door!

The problem with these offerings is a lack of consistency. Sometimes the place you book is great! Other times it is a complete dumpster fire. Sometimes you’re working with professionals. Other times, it’s an individual who has no idea what they’re doing.

Working with CCHP Professionals

A corporate housing company that is a member of CHPA agrees to uphold certain standards. When you use a member company you always know what to expect.


To go a step further, individuals in CHPA can earn the CCHP, Certified Corporate Housing Professional, designation.

Not only is the company a member of CHPA, meaning they follow the standards set by the organization. They have gone the extra mile to ensure that the people running the company are experts in the field.

Getting this certification is no joke. To even sit for the test, you need to have at least two years of experience working in corporate housing or a related field. But most people who earn the designation have more.

Even with all that experience, candidates need a lot of preparation. CHPA recommends spending three months studying before attempting the exam.

The exam covers all aspects of the corporate housing business. Operations, finance, and sales and marketing are all included.

If you’re working with a CCHP, you can rest assured that they know corporate housing inside and out.

Taking Care of Corporate Housing Guests

A few of the many things each CCHP masters are housekeeping and maintenance standards. So when you are in an apartment managed by one of these professionals, you know that you are safe.

They’ve trained their staff to thoroughly clean and sanitize the apartment between each guest.

The apartments receive an extensive inspection before you move in to make sure it is spotless. They check for damages to the furniture or the housewares and fix or replace what isn’t up to standard. They also check to be sure that the AC, the appliances, and the utilities are all in working order.

A CCHP leads a staff committed to making your stay comfortable. That means:

  • Making a commitment to service.
  • Being a friend on the other end of the phone when you have a problem.
  • Taking care of maintenance issues quickly.
  • Treating guests like a visitor in their own home.

Running the Corporate Housing Bussiness To Stay In Business

When you find a company you like working with, the last thing you want is for them to be gone the next time you need them. That’s why finance is another important section of the CCHP exam.

CCHPs are experts in running a successful corporate housing business. They know how to price their corporate apartments to make a profit but still offer value to you.

They know how to prepare a profit and loss statement, budget effectively, and keep the company financially sound.

The CCHP designation is not a one-and-done certification. To keep it, recertification has to take place every three years.

Things are always changing, and the corporate housing industry is no exception.

To get recertified, CCHPs have to stay on the cutting edge of the business.

  • They attend classes to expand their knowledge.
  • They take part in industry round tables to learn new best practices.
  • They write articles to share their expertise with others in the field.

CCHP’s at Viciniti

At Viciniti, maintaining the professional standards of CHPA is important. We also believe that our team should be led by industry experts with a CCHP designation.

Eight of our team members are CCHPs, including each of our regional managers and our executive team. And each time a member of the team reaches this achievement it is a BIG DEAL.

Our most recent team member to become a CCHP is Lindsay Childers in Austin, TX. Lindsay says, “I am so proud to be a Certified Corporate Housing Professional. This certification adds another level to our already superior service. Our clients can rest assured they are being taken care of 100% of the time!”

Meet the Viciniti CCHPs

Piper Ayala, CCHPPiper Ayala, CCHP
VP Housing

Piper’s mentor and business hero is her father Bill Jackson who founded the company in 1985.

Gabriel-Wacker-CCHPGabriel Wacker, CCHP
VP Sales and Marketing
Gabriel’s motto is “Success comes by helping others succeed.”
Brad-Burleson-CCHPBrad Burleson, CCHP
Central Region Manager

Brad’s positive and grateful attitude is infectious. He strives to provide a positive experience with everyone he meets.

Lynda-Najera-CCHPLynda Najera, CCHP
Southern Regional Manager

Lynda is known as a hard worker and loves the family environment at Viciniti.

Amy-Schroeder-CCHPAmy Schroeder, CCHP
Northern Region Manager

Amy thinks attention to detail mixed with a bit of fun provides a memorable experience for our guests.

Craig-Hufft-CCHPCraig Hufft, CCHP
Southern Region Dir. of Operations

Craig never takes himself too seriously and is quick with a joke, but he is very serious about serving our guests.

Nicole-Witherspoon-CCHPNicole Witherspoon, CCHP
Inside Sales Manager

Nicole has been working in corporate housing for over 20 years and always finds the perfect fit for her guests.


Lindsay-Childers-CCHPLindsay Childers, CCHP
Business Development Manager

Lindsay is the most recent member of our team to earn the prestigious CCHP designation.


Everyone at Viciniti is dedicated to bringing you the best in Corporate Housing. Explore our website, or contact us today.



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